Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Guess what! Today is our little boys birthday!!! Happy b-day brotha!!! He turned one today and even though we don't have him for his birthday, we are still thankful that we will get him soon. We pray everyday that God will protect him and keep him safe. We sent him a care package and on Monday we were emailed 8 new pictures of Jeremy! We were so excited! He is even cuter then he was when he was younger except that it looks like he has a bit of a cold. : ( Poor guy! Here are some of the pictures that they sent us. We didn't include some of them because some pictures made his nose look really red.

With the email we also got an update on him. He can't walk, but can stand up if he touches a chair or wall. He can say mom and sometimes dad. (Probably in Chinese). He loves to go on swings and eat cookies. He is kind of outgoing. He likes people to talk, play and play games with him. They said that he is a very good child and does not cry a lot. They said even though he had one hand he has a very strong will and grows as well as other children. This is very good news. We continue to pray for Jeremy. We will let you know if we get anymore updates. : )