Thursday, January 21, 2010

Amos Story by Aaron Ivey

We will find a way to get Jeremy home. Hold on little bro! We're on our way!!! This video is really great! His son is in Haiti now and they are waiting to get him. Pray they can bring him home soon! :( Don't worry Amos is safe they spoke to him on the phone. His daughter is already home.

FYI it's called "Amos Story" because when he wrote this song he was in the process of adopting a little girl and a little boy from Haiti. The boy is Amos and the girl is Story. Don't worry I thought it was about his- soon to be adopted- son Amos' story. But hey, you learn something everyday.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Referral Acceptance!!! Here we come Jeremy!!!!

Yesterday we got our REFERRAL ACCEPTANCE!!!! They called when we were in the supermarket at 3:03 p.m. It was so hard to keep in our excitement. My moms face lit up and in a little while she was crying right then and there in the middle of the vegetable section in Stop & and Shop. When I got home I ran around screaming. LOL We are so excited. They said that we could be traveling in late March or early April. We are hoping that we will have him for his 1st birthday on March 10th. We are so thankful to Jesus for continuing to give us the money and the patience to wait for this little boy. Now he can finally be ours! Here are some pics of Jeremy that we can finally show you.

WE LOVE YOU JEREMY!!! Come home soon! We keep seeing God's faithfulness during this process and we know we will see it to the end and beyond!

Butch Lumpkin- Awesome Golfer!

Butch has no arms and yet he is a pro golfer. He won't let his disability get in the way of his life. He doesn't mind that he has no arms. I was reading the comments to this video and wow! All the comments were positive and thanking Butch for inspiring them. This one guy has made a difference to people both with and without arms. He has shown positivity towards his disability and will not let it stop him from golfing.
Watch this video:
Meet Butch Lumpkin - Golf Video Golf Channel

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Missing Jeremy

Lately we all have been looking at Jeremy's picture. He looks so precious and cute. Man......we miss him. We go up to his picture and kiss it and talk to it.......weird I know, but that's the Seacotts for you. I think my mom is the one that is the most restless. She always asks when he will come home. All our friends and family love him and seem a little restless too.

At least we are not alone. Our friend Debbie, who we met through adoption, is waiting for her third child. It has been awhile since they have been waiting and now they finally got a referral. We are very excited for them. The baby I think is 1 month younger than Jeremy and they are naming her Hannah. She also has a limb difference. I know they will be awesome friends.

........I already yelled at Daddy for saying that they should marry. He's to young!!!!!! (We were kidding don't worry. We're not going to marry him off.) He he.........

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Patrick Henry Hughes

This video is very deep. Patrick is a baby born blind and without the ability to walk. He has not given up with the disablilities he has. He plays the piano and is in the marching band at his college. God has given Patrick an amazing talent to play the piano. He is happy with the way he is and he doesn't care that he can't see and that he cant walk. He has learned to adjust to his surroundings. If he can do it........I know Jeremy can do it also. Very touching........