Sunday, June 6, 2010

Visiting Gateway Acadamy

On Friday we visited Gateway Acadamy. We know a friend from our church (Sue) and she teaches second grade there. She has been telling her class about our journey ever since we started and they were so excited!. So when we were going to get Jeremy we prom ised we would bring him in for "show and tell".

When my mom and I (Julia was in school) walked into the classroom they were like "Aww. He's so cute". They just fell in love with him. They had a whole blanket set put on the floor with all different types of toys for Jeremy to play with and they each sat near a toy. At first Jeremy didn't want to be away from my mom or me, but after a while he felt comfortable and was laughing and babbling. Everyone just loved him and it just seemed so awesome to me how kids we have never even met could be so excited about our little man. He is truly blessed and truly loved and we are blessed to have him in our family.

Here are some pictures of Jeremy in case you were wondering how he was doing. : )

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