Friday, June 25, 2010

Overdue Update

Hi everyone!

Jeremy is doing great and is adapting perfectly! Our little man loves to eat, play, and be held. He is so cute and he is saying "uh-oh" now. He is very curious and loves things that light up and have buttons. Jeremy knows how to wave good-bye and he is almost walking. He has been taking a few steps here and there.

Jeremy is just a happy sweet boy. I cannot believe how well he fits into our family. He uses his little arm A LOT and he is very strong! That arm is certainly not holding him back! Everyone who sees him melts immediately. All the kids in my class and all my teachers were so excited when we went to get him and when we came back. I have a feeling he will change our lives as much as we have changed his.

Jeremy loves my dad. It is so cute because whenever he sees him Jeremy laughs or smiles his adorable smile. It's weird because it feels like Jeremy has been here for forever but he hasn't. Sometimes we're like "Whoa we went to China with a family of 4 and came back with a family of 5!" but other times its like "Yeah so?". It is so cool to me that we saved Jeremy from possibly living on the streets and begging for money to stay alive. He doesn't have to worry about who his real family is because we are there for him and will always be.

More pictures are soon to come I just have to load them from the camera onto the computer. : )

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