Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hellooo Everyone : )

I finally started blogging after nine months! Who-hoo! We have had so many great experiences with Jeremy. He is just a bundle of joy and I cannot imagine my life without him. God has really blessed us. Jeremy is finally starting to talk. He is saying so many words! His smile can light up your day with just one glance and- even when he's cranky- we love him soooooo much.

Jeremy absolutely loves Lucky (our bird). Whenever Lucky is out of the cage Jeremy goes " Bir? Bir?" And we always crack up when he watches Lucky flap her wings. When she flaps them he will watch her and then when she finishes he shakes his body like he has the goosebumps and walks away. It's so cute!!

Jeremy has definitely been a light in our lives. He always laughs and plays and loves on us. He gives us kisses and hugs and when someone comes home from work or school or just being out Jeremy gives us a hug hello. He is such a good kid! I cannot even imagine what out lives would be like without him. Oh wait I know, it would be like this: .................blah blah...........blah blah blah...........blah. Jeremy's laugh is so adorable. When my dad tickles him it is just so funny to watch!

Jeremy has been saying so many words. He says mama, Da Da, Jenna, Ju-Ju, cup, bye-bye, car, no, truck, open, apple, snow, move, thank you, sit, go, bus, let's go, book, shoe, see you, where are you, I know and that's all I can think of. He obviously doesn't say them all exactly correct, but you get what I mean.
Here are the most recent pics on the computer. I haven't got a chance to upload any other ones, but eventually I will.

October 12, 2010

December 5, 2010:

: )

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