Sunday, May 23, 2010

Home at Last!

Hi everyone! I am so sorry I have not written since we have been home. It has been busy here getting used to being home and having a new baby brother! : )

As we exited the baggage area of the airport we walked a little and then we saw the crowd of people waiting for us. It was so nice to see everyone there. As soon as they saw us they were screaming and clapping. The kids were in the front holding banners and there was one big banner that Ellie made that said "Welcome home Jeremy and Seacott family!" It was so awesome! As soon as we got up to the crowd I think we were all attacked with hugs. I probably got a hug from every single person there.

Afterwards some people came back to the house and we ordered some good NEW YORK pizza. It was good to be home....... That night Jeremy slept in his forever home with his forever family. And we all slept in our comfy beds. The next day we got visits from lots of people and the same thing on Saturday. On Sunday he was the church celebrity and everyone loved him. During worship he clapped at some parts and enjoyed sitting on Andy's and Aaron's laps (Julia's friends). : ) On Monday we had to go back to school.....sadly. When everyone saw me they came up to me and asked me about the trip and I had to promise everyone I would bring in a picture of Jeremy. On Tuesday I brought in the picture and everyone loved him. At first he was my class celebrity,but now I think the whole 7th grade in my academy knows. Crazy, huh? Even my teachers love him. My math teacher thought he was adorable. She wanted to come over to play. Haha......I wouldn't mind. : )

Jeremy is doing great! He loves us and says "mama" and sometimes "papa", but not as much. We are trying to get him to say Jenna but that's not going too well...he just babbles. He sleeps through the night and plays constantly. His laugh is so adorable and we found a really ticklish spot under his ribs. He is growing in all four of his molars so he has sometimes been restless. The kids at church just love him and he is easily passed around to a bunch of people. He likes Dora the Explorer a lot, but he doesn't like Ni Hao, Kai-Lan as much. It's funny. He loves my dad and he is walking only if he holds on to something. He also walks if you hold onto his arms. He is starting to stand up by himself without holding onto anything today. That looks like a good sign. I will start updating regularly, I promise. I will also put up pictures.

I took a video.....that was my job.....while pushing a carriage. : )

Here is the video of our fans ; )

And for those of you with dad just added some pictures from the airport to his profile (thanks to Teresa!).

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